Month: March 2022

Response to NYT Guest Op-ed: “The Christian Case for Marijuana”

In “The Christian Case for Marijuana,” Mr. Jonathan Merritt argues that Christians should support marijuana legalization because of medicinal and social justice reasons. But his case falls woefully short of the full endorsement he’d like Christianity to make. Components of marijuana may have medical benefits, and the FDA has rightfully approved some marijuana-based medications, but …

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Luke’s latest C-SPAN interview

Smart Approaches to Marijuana’s Luke Niforatos discussed his group’s efforts to oppose the “commercialization and normalization of marijuana.” Our organization want to reduce marijuana use. We see this as something that is harmful in society, but we also want to prevent the commercialization of this drug, because what happens in this country when we allow …

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CheddarTV Interview

Anti-Cannabis movements such as Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) are spending unprecedented amounts of money heading into the 2018 midterm elections. SAM’s Senior Policy Advisor Luke Niforatos explains why he’s against the commercialization of weed.