I believe in serving others and my lifelong passion is to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone I meet!

My entire corporate career was spent in non-profit health care, and it is through this lens of compassion that I assess opportunities. Having been blessed to start 2 successful companies, I am eager to share the lessons I have learned with others.  

When I'm not working, you can find me spending time with my beautiful wife, Eliza, chasing our baby girl, Shiloh, learning more about my Savior Jesus Christ, or at the local CrossFit Gym.​
Feedback from people I've worked with:
"I highly recommend Luke in performing whatever task he believes he can perform for you. Among many other things he has helped us define our market, execute our plan, and is a terrific communicator who has been very helpful with customer presentations. He works fast yet is thorough. People love him and his obvious professionalism and integrity promotes trust and productivity." 
Chip Brunk, CEO of Test Appropriate
"It has been such a pleasure to work with Luke. Luke has a rare combination of talent. He has excellent communication and people skills yet pushes the envelope with his drive and ambition. Luke has demonstrated his willingness to tackle projects and rise to unanticipated challenges. Luke follows through with things, he is someone you can count on to deliver. It is has been a privilege and an honor to have him step in and be a part of our team. I look forward to many more future engagements."
Michelle Archuleta, CEO of DoctorSpeak
"Luke is the consummate professional. He is charismatic and well-spoken. On a personal note, he is a great family man and true friend."
Todd Towles, CEO of Rep of the Rockies
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